Best airport car parking deals in Melbourne

By Rebecca Watson

You probably think finding the best airport car parking deals in Melbourne is very hard. The truth is it’s not hard at all if you follow the right tips. When considering parking your car at any Melbourne, be aware not to burn a hole through your pocket. Although car paring services are usually not expensive, without checking and comparing things properly, you may spend a lot more money than you actually have to. By booking in time and comparing multiple car parks, you will find useful information on things like car park security measures, car park location, bus transfer times and car park facilities. The point is not to find the cheapest car park, but one with the utmost convenience or the most comprehensive security measures. All these things can make your travelling experience a lot easier and stress free.



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Arrival and Departure Procedures

To find the best parking deal, you must consider what sort of arrival and departure procedures you need to go through. Unfortunately, this kind of information is not always available at the company’s website. Different car parks have different procedures. For example, some require you to arrive at a reception area, others require you to use the same credit card you used for booking online to enter the car park and so on.

If you opt for the Meet and Greet option, you will have to phone them before arriving at the airport terminal and also require you to phone again when you’re just leaving the baggage pick up area. As you can see, to avoid unpleasant inconveniences, when booking airport parking, you need to compare much more than their prices. To make your experience as simple as possible, it is important to have other information, such as telephone numbers, addresses and arrival and departure procedures.

Know your Terminal

Not all car parks serve the terminal you are using, so you need to make sure you are booking the right car park. To avoid problems, always check if the transfer bus goes to the correct terminal. Just imagine getting on the shuttle bus only to find that it has taken you to the wrong terminal!



Pre-Book Online and Save

Did you know that by booking in advance, you can save up to 60% compared to the gate price? This is not exaggeration, but the mere truth! The gate price is the price you will be charged you if you simply turn up on the day of your trip to park your vehicle and pay. Major car parks typically keep some parking spaces free for such occasions, but have in mind that you will pay a lot for that space. Advantages of timely booking are obvious and well worth doing.

There is another reason you should book online in advance. When you pre book airport parking you are ensuring that a parking space is available for your car on when you need it. While it is true that in most cases, car parking facilities keep some free spaces for people who turn up the day before their departure, even those spots can be occupied during summer months. Just imagine the horror of turning up at the car park and finding that there is no space left, and you are running late to catch your flight.

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